Walk and Ride (motorbike) the chemin de st jacques de Compostelle

When Suzanne suggested to do the Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle, a 1700 kilometres walk i said no problem, knowing very well I wouldn’t go but I was leaving my options open, never say no, you never know… When it was time to go I was not feeling very well, how sad she had to go by herself, I took her by car to Le Puy en Velay, celebrated for a couple of days… but “don’t worry,” I say, “I will catch up with you as soon I’m better”…. Sure enough, 3 weeks later, (very hard to get rid of a sore back…)I was feeling much better, I hopped on the motorbike and I arrived in the afternoon at … Continue reading

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Le Canal de Bourgogne by bicycle

Well, it had to happen, motorbike is too fast for me I’m converting to pushbike…just kidding. But riding the Canal de Bourgogne for a week was a real experience, the weather was good, 15 degrees is ideal temperature  for pedalling all day… The canal is about 300km long depend where you start and has about 200 locks, It was started by Henry IV in 1605  then more work done again in 1775 and completed in 1832. Don’t complaint again if it take a long time to build a freeway or a railway line in your part of the world. Enough jokes for one day enjoy the ride…     the farm, the cattle  

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Alsace, famous for it is vineyards, villages, stokes and chemney.

Yes it is what I remember from Alsace as a child, the storks flying with the baby inside the cloth…and resting on top of chimney…..as I grow up i learned, Alsace is producing lot’s of good wine and now I visit Alsace for is architecture, culture and peoples….. We followed “La Route des Vins D’Alsace” about 300 kilometers of winding roads from Colmar to the sud to Strasbourg in the nord.        

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Belgium, Holland

I felt good in Holland I was the fastest 2 wheeler in town, everyone is riding push bike, but they start to have electric pushbike, so watch out I may have competition soon. I must say Dutch and Belgium driver are much more disciplined than French or Italians drivers it is a real treat to have a pleasurable ride over there. People stop at red light, stop sign, give way etc… what a relief no one go over the speed limit and everyone is very courteous on the road, so let’s get cracking. On the way to Amsterdam we stop in Brussels, Gent, Brugge and  Knokke-Zoute a very popular beach resort.    

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Brittany the weather may not be always good but the scenery and riding are always great

2 weeks traveling the north coast of Brittany is not much, because the weather is not always good and it is so much to see, the walks on the coast are always stunning and the little roads following the coast are spectacular. Villages full of character and interesting architectures  After all Brittany is like me….has spend more time with an English influence than French, if you know what I mean…. So many little ports to visit, so much coast line, i start wishing i was traveling accross the Nullabur….. Suzanne made a comment that is very true, she say “the country, villages, people look so different you think you are in England but no, as soon as they open their mouth … Continue reading

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Sicily the beautiful, yes look at her in the fountain…

Time to go and explore some of the coastline and small villages of this beautiful island. I guess Islands are always more beautiful than the mainland,  like Tasmania of the coast of Victoria or Corsica of the coast of France, Sicily is no exception, people are also different more insulated not really worry about the problems of the mainland. That’s not their problem…. The culture food and architecture is very diverse because of the influence of so many invaders over the centuries, the Romain, Sarrasins, Normans, Spanish to name a few all left their influence. And as a bonus I find a cousin I didn’t see for 68 years and we use to live few  hundred meters apart….The first photo … Continue reading

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Mt Etna and Taormina

Climbing any mount is not my type of fun, a bit of climbing is ok, so we took the bike to 1900 metre,  then a cable car to 2400, and we walk to 2900. Mt Etna is about  3250m and you are not allow to walk to the top anymore unless you are a bit crazy, and you can be sure it is plenty of them around here. The last eruption of ashes was only last year in December. It cover the snow and because apparently ashes are a good insulator the snow is still there underneath. In one of the photo a person is clearing the snow so it can melt. If it is not done it can be very … Continue reading

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Puglia-Calabria Like Australia 50 years ago

It is not quite true but some of that part of Italy are really like Australia 50 years ago, minus the villages on top of cliffs, and maybe a few more sandy beaches in Australia….why do you think the Italians from the south of Italy migrated to Australia? Because they felt at home…..Riding the motorbike as far down as Capo Saint Maria Di Leuca (the southern most point of the province of Puglia) was really interesting. If someone ask you “what was it like in Australia 50 year ago” Tell them to take a trip to southern Italy… On the way back a quick stop at Lecce, they call it the Florence of the south, if it was a movie … Continue reading

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Positano and Amalfi road ride

I have heard from this ride on the Amalfi road for a long time, finally we made it. 100kms of coast ride with dozen of villages perched on the hills. The best one has to be Positano. It is the one with more restaurants and tourists anyways. The road is a like a col (hill climb) with villages every6-7 kilometers, it is hard to comprehend how and when theses villages where build. The Italian are the world champion to built tunnels and villages on top of hills. We started the trip at Pompeii another very interesting place. Enjoy the ride        

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Elba Island-Home of Napoleon Bonaparte for 10 months

You would think when we send someone in exile, you make it a bit difficult for them, not for Napoleon, he choose is island, his residences…and he become king for a few months, not bad going for someone in Exile. I may get lucky I may not be able to go back to Australian and you may send me in exile in Monaco…                

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