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Michel’s NEW Book – a million meals / a million miles | journey of a masterchef with french recipes

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Book Cover, tilted, a million meals / a million miles | journey of a masterchef with french recipes

This book is a cookbook with a twist. You will follow the life of a simple French country boy who came to Australia in the late sixties and witnessed some of the changes of cooking, from the “real Australian cuisine” earthy meals with small plates, to nouvelle cuisine, large plates small meals to fusion cuisine  (east meet west), and finally “Rabbit food” (salad on everything).

1,000,000 meals served and 17 restaurants later…

How has Australian food changed over the last 30 years?
Restaurant food tastes better surely but are we eating better food?

I guarantee that every page of this book will make you laugh and feel happy, as the life of a chef should be. My motto is “A happy cook is a good cook”. The secret of good food? Good wines…. and if you have good friends your dinner party will be a success.

I good meal as to be easy to prepare economical to do and good for you body, if your friends like it, it is a bonus…

Contrary to dramatise TV shows you will se how easy it is to open restaurants with no or little money, how to choose the right position, how to negotiate and how to be successful.

In most kitchens we don’t swear, don’t scream, don’t smoke, don’t take drug but we certainly have fun.

The journey has been exciting, 6 jobs in the best restaurants in Sydney in the late 60th followed by 20 restaurants all over Queensland, and unlike most chef of my age I’m not burnt out. Why am I not burnt out? The secret? You will have to buy the book to find out… as there is not such a thing as free lunch any more….

I’m sure you will enjoy the read, and the photography, as a bonus  you may like the recipes and also learn something about cooking and the life of a chef….. Like a famous Frenchman used to say:

“A good meal is like making love. When you finish you must feel like starting all over again.” Let’s hope the book will have the same effect.

Here is a sneak peek at the book:

Chapter One

I was born in a French stable on February 20, 1944. German soldiers occupied the family house and my mother and grandmother made the former stable habitable, though we shared our living space with the animals.My father was fighting in the war or a prisoner somewhere in Italy. We never knew exactly where he was at the time. When we saw him again, he used to give us a hiding if we ever talked about it.

On the day of my birth at home, right next to the cows, sheep, and chickens, it was 5am and very cold. If that wasn’t hard enough for my mother, I was born with eczema, a condition made pretty severe during war time as medicine was hard to come by. Luckily for me, the Germans loved my mother’s butter so she managed to swap butter for medicine…more

Chapter 2

I was only 7 years old.

The huge pig with an apple stuffed in its mouth was taken out of the oven by Chef, Monsieur Miconnet. He then placed it on a large silver tray and carried it into the dining room. Everyone was talking, laughing, eating and drinking and the room smelt of a mixture of food and cigarettes.

The atmosphere was electric – warm and friendly; and everyone’s cheeks had a pink tinge.  The children wandered freely between tables, giggling as they were intermittently brought up to someone’s knee and told a funny story.  It was cold outside but you couldn’t see out through the steam on the windows.  It was Friday the 21st of Febuary in Seurre,  Cote Dór –  the centre of my universe!  It was St. Catherine’s Day, the biggest market day of our region.   Maquignons (cattle traders)and Eleveurs (farmers) had come from fifty kilometres away to show and buy cattle…more

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