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Italy-Trip to Colonnata Capital of white marble

After 2 months of French winter we decided it was time to go to a warmer climate, Sicily was a good choice but you have to get there…The plan was 3-4 hours driving the camping car and a trip on the motorbike to relax a bit.  First stop was in Tuscany the home of the white marble.                                    

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South of France in Winter

It was a bit cold in Seurre so we decided to spend a couple of weeks down south.  I first thought it would be nice to take the bike the weather looked pretty good, but as we where ready to go surprise surprise snow started falling, we are at the end of December in France after all. So I had to take the car or go by myself. I was not ready for that…not today….                                          

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Les Vosges, Lac de Gerardmer et Le Chablis

Chablis is very close to Burgundy so it is a good detour on the way to Gerardmer in the Vosges region. The ballon d’Alsace, I was told, is a beautiful ride on the motorbike without forgetting the col de la Shultz on the way. One of my best ride ever and every night the comfort of home, and a home cook meal in the camping car          

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Finally the dream come thru, a home, a restaurant, a motorbike and une femme all mobile, today Le Jura

Le Jura is close to Burgundy, why didn’t I visit it before coming to Australia….Le Jura produce some very good wines, some will say the best in the world, they even call it a wine of kings for the kings…, I think it is a bit much, it is a very acquired taste, it can be very very old like 40 years old. Just call it the real name “Vin Jaune”but don’t expect to be like any other wines you taste before.  The Jura is full of lakes and old mountains, not very high for very picturesque, the high Jura, on the way to Switzerland has many ski stations.  

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Scotland 2 weeks of wilderness

Scotland is certainly a wild country and Scotish people are a wild and friendly bunch. We just happen to be there for the world cup and in a noisy pub for the famous match where Australia won by a point because of a bad referee decision…..not funny at all, more funny for them the day France was beaten by 60 points by Ireland. Anyone who like driving or riding must include Scotland in their bucket list as it is a paradise of wild scenery and windy road, the weather can be a bit tricky but it is worth the trouble. As long as I live i don’t want to see another castel or distillery. And no we din’t see Jessie … Continue reading

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Amer Fort in Jaipur

Our next stop was Jaipur west of Agra about 250 kms away but 5-6 hours trip on the car because of elephants and camels on the road again..The main attraction was the fort or palace of  Amer, situated high on a hill about 11 k from  the town of Jaipur.  Amer fort was ruled by Raja Man Singh and later on by yours truly…. see below proof of it. A maharajah in front of his temple with his maharani                                      

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The Taj Mahal what an incredible place

The Taj Mahal was built for the 3rd wife of Emperor Shah Jahan, On her bead she ask to built the most incredible, incomparable, and beautiful palace ever been built before where she could be buried on the year 1749. I know what most of us would do today ….take the money and run, just joking….  It took 22 years to built, mostly out of white marble.  Mumtaz Mahal had 14 children and die after the birth of the last one over some complication. We sure won’t forget her in  a hurry she must have been an incredible women.  Although it is build with white marble, other colours marble where used from about 8 deferents countries including New Zealand. The … Continue reading

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Delhi 25 millions of Indians (and no cow boys)

No,  I rephrase that, many cowboys in Delhi they all drive a Tuk Tuk a car a bike a horse a cow a camel or an elephant and i tell you, they know how to drive even bind folder, it is so much pollution you can’t see more than a few meters in front of your nose. Where ever you want to go they get there in a hurry (even in India time is money) how funny, we think of India “meditation,relaxation, spacing out, slow pace, take you time, bathe yourself in the Ganga….) Well, none of that in Delhi they are more keen to make a quid than 5th avenue in New York. On a 4 lane hwy you … Continue reading

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India, what a country

India, what a country, the best and worst the world has to offer, it may take them 50 years to catch up but what an exciting journey it is going to be for them. When we decided to spend my birthday in front of the Taj Mahal we din’t know India would be such an experience. The architecture new or old is amazing the people rich or poor are interesting and always helping, the food is so diverse, the corruption is  rife and the traffic …..I’m surprise they don’t have any world champion on cars or bikes because their training is certainly good. Not unusual for a car bike or tuk-tuk to go against the traffic on the Hwy for … Continue reading

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Route 66 Vegas to LA

From Las Vegas to Los Angeles One quick last show in Vegas, Joan River impersonator and one quick last Brazilian steak, before taking on to the road again for our last leg of the journey. Been a Saturday we started to see many motorbike on the road and the traffic is becoming a bit more heavy, and it was not long before we hit Los Angeles suburbs, it was hot and slow traffic, I had noticed the day before the battery was not charging properly, but surely one more day she will be right mate…No she was not right, 30 miles before Santa Monica she start coughing, the bike not the battery, the battery was dead. As I saw that … Continue reading

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