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a million meals / a million miles | journey of a masterchef with french recipies - book cover
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Michel outside a Patisserie
Michel at Cochons holding a pig
Aloxe Corton
L'etang Rouge
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This book is about a boy from Burgundy that came to Australia 45 years ago with 50 dollars in his pocket. Today the same boy still has $50 in his pocket but what a life. Of course a cookbook has to have recipes, but where do the recipes come from, how do they evolve and how they become his speciality is very important. This book will take you to his little village in France, in the heart of Burgundy.

Michel was practically born in the kitchen! His parents ran the L'hotel du Cygne in the middle of the village. He still recalls how he used to sneak behind the bar in the middle of the night to drink lemonade and to eat cake from the kitchen. This boy from Burgundy learnt to handle a knife and a bottle from an early age.